Özfidan Textile is one of the biggest denim and top group and classic shirt producers in Turkey.

ÖzfidanTextile, working to offer the highest quality in manufactured goods and services, produces more than 1.5 million jeans and classical shirts in its most advanced factory using environmentally friendly production techniques and ethical practices. Having more than 150 trained employees in its 3,000 sqm facility, Özfidan Textile can meet the needs and needs of the customer base representing the important brands in the world markets. The in-house design capability is a flexible and long-term valuable partner for Özfidan Textil.

To provide the highest quality of the goods and services to be produced. To become a part of the latest trends and to provide the fastest service to brands in all world markets.

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Özfidan Textile has two facilities that produce over 1.5 million jeans each year. The facility, which has a total area of 3,000 square meters, is home to 150 employees and modern production lines that use environmentally friendly techniques and practices that use less water and chemicals and produce less waste. Ozfidan Textile can complete an order within 6 to 8 weeks time frame with production capacity of factories, modern production methods and highly educated, service oriented personnel.

Social Responsibility


There is always a balance between economic development and the welfare of society and the environment. Social responsibility means maintaining the balance between the two. We take this issue seriously, we follow international practices closely and apply them at every stage of our daily practice.


We take responsibility for manufacturing made by subcontractors. Our subcontractors work in accordance with the code of conduct and are frequently inspected. It is of utmost importance that we share the same ethical standards with our business partners as to business practices, the environment and other key areas.


We strive to make every effort to reduce the negative impacts of our activities on the environment and reach a standard beyond what is legally required. Our wastewater treatment plants ensure that the discharge water is safe for the environment. We are recycling paper, plastics, batteries, fluorescent tubes, textile wastes and oils to manage our solid waste. We are reinventing our production facilities to use less water, use fewer chemicals, and produce less harmful waste. Whenever possible, we use organic and recycled jeans to further reduce our environmental footprint.


Özfidan Textile provides all the necessary tools for its employees to behave appropriately and satisfactorily to their employees.

According to the Özfidan Textile Human Resources Policy, all recruitment is based on the abilities of a person. No discrimination is observed during and after recruitment. The development of employees is constantly supported by various trainings on various topics related to their positions.


The mindset of design is completely different from the market as we do not just focus on trends. Before creating designs, our customers “red lines”, customers control expectations and customers and start to work on the styles between these lines. And show them that there are a lot of alternative products that can be produced between rows that have not been tried before. And the most important point is that we create our stories with this story and support stories with extra tags and graphics to create “stories” for them and make them understandable by end users.

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